I was a man

He came out of the cannon with limbs trailing and flailing about behind him
At some point he began to gain control again
He began to run across the sky with every joint disconnected and each limb stretched longer than humanly possible
He started glowing and burning brighter and brighter
He found his place in the sky
After a million years a star floated over to talk
It said, “I was a snapping turtle ”
He said, “I was a man”


Dreams of the dead

When I dream about the dead
They are as alive as me
And when I dream about the dead
I hope that’s how I’ll be
Vivid in the dreams
Of my children and my friends
Coming back in hearts and minds again and again and again
I hope I won’t disturb them or cause them any pain
Maybe I can make amends within their wandering brains


At the time of death

At the time of death

Every pet and boyfriend and girlfriend and mentor and preacher and counselor and teacher
Every feeling and emotion and edge and notion
Converge from shadow lines
To end the death march they started on that bright day they met you in

Your youth
Your comfort
Your pain



As you sat there talking on and on I grew bored of imagining you as a skeleton and a little bit annoyed at the constant clapping of jaws so I let you be just your fragile veins, scarlet red and tropic sea blue,  very delicate and peaceful and unobtrusive and this why I smiled as I sat across from you on a big yellow chair and said” yes ” and  “hmmm”.



Now that everything has been poured out and lies wriggling its way into a slow death on marble floors in sterile sunlight ,maybe now you could rosin up your bow and play for us in the shadows of the tall artificial trees that stand forever green and clean dusted as they are by the minions of this castle this fortress this tomb.


Peace like a feather

Oh to lift a feather fair
And drop it in the wind

Oh to float and drift and dream
Without bondage, care or kin

Oh to come to gentle rest
Within the forest glade

Oh to lay on soft moss
In a light and gentle way

Oh to fade in sunlight
And turn to earth all day


Veins and stars

At night the stars come down and attach themselves to my veins and float back up to the sky.
Airplanes and satellites slash at my cold veins as they follow the stars across the night.
When the sun comes up my veins are released and they spring back inside me severed and covered in  space dust.
That’s okay, they have all day to heal.