Crow and clown

After the party
crow and clown trade glares
The clown’s red hair makes the dark ink of the crow’s eyes run out onto his feathers
He glistens so that the clown raises his arm to blot it out
Then the full moon is covered up with clouds
The clown says,”We may as well be under the cold ground.”
The crow clicks and preens
The clown scuffs his boots on empty packs of cigarettes and flattened cans
Dew forms on feathers and sticky white make up



Already lonely

We hit the road
               already lonely
Our souls drowned in chicken soup
Rising up as grease spots
Glistening rainbow colors
Splashed from potholes
After a spring rain
Running into gravity
Without seeking
We found our own level


Da Vinci man

Inside the earth the Da Vinci man spins himself silly
Sometimes for fun he pokes his finger up through the water and bends it like a loch monster
He laughs and the earth quakes
He counts the stars that fall down on him
He counts the stars that fall down on us