The ghosts of ships lie broken
Swaying in the sea weed
Shadows of rhythm
Dark as shark eyes
Stirring something treacherous
Across the undercurrent
Spotted by broken  lighthouse flashes and moon beams
The starfish stretches out – holding the whole world together beneath Orion’s jealous stare


I was never alone

I set sail on a body pillow
On a journey across the Atlantic
I held my hands down in the water
and blood poured out my fingertips
Sharks formed a single-file line
Their fins gleaming in my bloody wake
Thousands of sharks in a line behind me

Sometimes I was thirsty
Sometimes I was hungry
I was  never alone



Song of opportunity

Let me sing a song of opportunity
Let me find a place inside your dreams
Somewhere where I can sparkle
A place to be known
In between fading scenes
behind the ghosts and gnomes

And you will whistle it back to me
From wanting lips so pale
Then somewhere deep inside your dream I’ll have a place to live
and build

and breathe