The sound of tomorrow

Ancient man sits on a rock
He compares bird sounds to the sounds he hears his children make while playing
He contrasts the chirps of insects with the squeaking sounds of old branches rubbing together in a wind storm
The dog that lies beside him pants in a way that makes him hear the water run over the rocks by the spring

Modern man sits on a rock
He hears a bird chirp and it reminds him of the ringtone dedicated to his girlfriend
He recalls a horror film he saw as a child when the wind causes friction in the branches above
Suddenly a bird flies by and for the first time in his life he hears the wind torn by her wings and smiles an ancient smile


Self waxing

Ahhh! Success again
The blood surged through his veins
Anything was possible
Down here in the moonlight
His ego waxing into fullness
Was anything too hard ?
The stars seemed close enough to pluck
In between heart beats and grins