The death of summertime ;)

I laid down on an August afternoon
Feeling weak I closed my eyes and let myself go limp
Soon I floated on soft waves of dreams
Smiling on my happy ship

While I slept
A cool breeze came across the day
And took the Summer’s breath away
And I awoke to find the sun much lower than before
The leaves seemed pensive hanging there
Waiting for what death had in store

I pondered autumn in my garden chair
And listened to the wind
I closed my eyes and thought of rain
And soon was asleep again



3 thoughts on “The death of summertime ;)

    • I think the season is still alive too :).
      BTW you know me – I was the hero….remember? ??
      I got rid of that blog but I have always kept up with your blog.
      I am glad you are enjoying ballet so much.
      My son will start studying Math at NCSU this Thursday. šŸ™‚

      • hero~! ah~!
        i didn’t know it was your blog~~~!!!
        but when i start to read the first poem i cannot stop reading the whole blog~~~
        now i understand why i liked it~!!!!
        i am so glad for your son.
        yes. ballet is the center of my life now. ballet is my whole life now. i cannot think of anything else more fun than that. how wonderful that feeling is~!

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