Sweet stick cotton

Sky fell through my window
We swallowed each other
……..clouds and I
We were blue cotton candy
I melted and stuck to your hands
Your mirror had a cumulus background
To frame your face
As you washed a smear of me from your forehead
The sun broke through for you
While I swirled right down the drain



Here I am simple man

They said granddaddy was happy to have a moon pie and an RC and to read his Bible

I stayed home all day by the fire
Pretty darn happy about those sweet onions cooked with mushrooms and Ed’s peppers
I watch the sky a lot
No one but Lynard Skynard ever told me to be a simple man
Just came natural like


drEAm diAl

Dream dial

Tina turned a red dial
far as it could spin
She became lighter
her feet were off the ground before she removed her fingers
Familiar things assimilated and marched into the steamy sea
Waves made it better
She was drunk on the smell of black pepper and clam chowder
The continents were spices
The pyramids fell off the earth into a Tetris sky
Someone in a mask fell dead
Alarm clock



Across another autumn

It’s for everyone
But me
Because it’s not me
The little bits that fall away like autumn leaves
To be raked and burned
Save for some of them that  pile up in a quiet place and rot
In time I will go there with seed
And watch as I rise like John Barely Corn
That tree will be mine
I will rest in its shade
And eat of its fermented fruit
And laugh as the leaves blow away across another autumn