The stolen song of sadness

The whales stole my song
And swam away
It was a very sad tune
The whales got stuck on bright white sand
And died in the lagoon

A sea bird picked it from their hearts
Then flew across the sea
He dropped it down from graying skies
I heard it sigh ,I heard it moan
As it went back in me


Celestial cricket

I hear crickets chirping in the dead of winter
They must be eating the back of the moon
I’ve forgotten the chirp formula
I don’t need them to tell me
When its cold

I open the door at midnight
To clear my head
Perfect silence
Except for the lunar crumbs that bump into the ground like snow



She rises with the moon
Passing through the forest glade
Taller than the pines
She pulls a branch from a bare oak
Bringing the severed part to her lips
She turns it up and drinks it in
To the dregs
This wine
This blood of the earth
She dances across the water
Lacking only a lover
She sees him shining in the ripples
She blows him a kiss
Surely it will arrive
Heavy with the weight of the world
But he always falls into the ocean
And she always burns off in the sun