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Strings attached

Every star is tied to her heart
By harp strings yet unseen
So when you stand in her presence you hear the music of the stars
You make the music of the stars
For the rest of your life it vibrates within you
Sometimes if you see her picture or catch a wiff of her perfume you get to hear it



bill and sarah and the seed and the blue lightning

bill grabbed blue lightning and clung tight

rode it back up into the clouds

he had some seeds deep in his pocket

threw them off a cloud

sarah opened wide and drank the rain as it poured down

until a seed hit her on the tongue

she spit it on the ground

a tree grew up from the seed

and one day bill came down

he found a feather in the grass

beneath the tree of his seed

he laid the feather across his eyes

and there began to dream

sarah came and found him there

and kissed him as he slept

he awoke and told his story

while sarah sat and wept

they went to town and had a meal

they laughed until they cried

then sarah went back to her home

and bill climbed back into the sky

When I was a bird nest

When I was a bird nest
I never felt alone
When the eggs hatched at last
I was full of flesh and bone
When the fledglings squirmed about
I moved in synchronicity ,as if they were my own
When young ones learned to fly
I felt like a king dethroned
When the winter’s winds shook my tree
I fell down into the snow
When I rotted into the earth
I helped the tree to grow



Sweet stick cotton

Sky fell through my window
We swallowed each other
……..clouds and I
We were blue cotton candy
I melted and stuck to your hands
Your mirror had a cumulus background
To frame your face
As you washed a smear of me from your forehead
The sun broke through for you
While I swirled right down the drain


Here I am simple man

They said granddaddy was happy to have a moon pie and an RC and to read his Bible

I stayed home all day by the fire
Pretty darn happy about those sweet onions cooked with mushrooms and Ed’s peppers
I watch the sky a lot
No one but Lynard Skynard ever told me to be a simple man
Just came natural like