When we were coyotes / Lin’s song

My dream began in a meadow. It was early morning and the red sun was fast turning the frost into bright diamonds.
We were all there together as we are only that now we were coyotes.

This was a time of journey.  We ran at a good pace for two hours. Hondo was always in the back,sneering anytime we turned around unless of course it happened to be Ludi that locked eyes with him.

There was an evil spirit about Hondo.
Whenever we rested the ground would steam up and cloud around him. He had a deep knowing look that made us all ask questions of ourselves . Questions with only dark answers.  It was these questions that followed us like the steam that hung in Hondo’s fur, these questions that burned like the pit of our empty bellies.

As we rested in a poplar grove I asked Ludi why we didn’t make Hondo leave. He never hunted or scavenged for the pack but he never had the hunger on him . Ludi said the sky would tell me when it was time.

When we came to the great river it began to snow.  The tiny heavy snow that doesn’t want to stop. And it didn’t!
We laid down under a large rock outcrop. Ludi pointed his long sharp snout at Hondo as if to say ,”watch”.

On the third day we were a retched bunch. Lin was barely breathing . Sometimes she would sing our songs in a mumbling melody .She was between the waking and the dreaming and her vision was illuminated by the songs that spoke to us all . It said that we were dying.

As the sun fell on the third day I saw Hondo slowly slink away in the shadow of the snow laden cedars that so graciously blocked the wind from us.
I waited until he crossed the branch and then ran after. I followed his tracks for miles into a small clearing where Hondo stood over a newly dug hole devouring a family of rabbits. He looked up and sniffed the wind and turned his eyes on me. In that moment I knew that he had the gift of smell. He had never been hungry and he had never helped. Hondo charged toward me, blood falling into the snow off his steaming jowls. I braced and lurched forward, my heart was in my head ,pounding me into numbness. Hondo jumped for my throat his mouth open wide ,I jumped out of the way just in time to see Ludi take him down. The pack stood all around.When Hondo came to himself he was surrounded. We followed him in our circle until he had fed us all with moles and voles and rabbits and even grubs.

When the pain of starvation had left us we felt so relieved that we forgot about Hondo and his evil ways, all of us, excepting Ludi. Ludi attacked Hondo with all of us still in what appeared to be a circle of death. In the midst of the battle the snow stopped and the sun came out , Hondo’s tongue turned to fire and he let loose of a horrible moan.
The echo of that moan is all that remains of Hondo.


Eat it too

Nations fall off the earth like cheap plastic decorations  on dry icing

The kind that hurts the pit of your stomach – not homemade

To keep warm out in space the people huddle around one of the candles
that flings hot wax on stars and asteroids as they hurdle through space on a metaphor for insignificance

Someone digs a hole and lowers a platform with picks and chisels to harvest the icing

Suddenly the candle goes out
They sit in the cold darkness holding their stomachs ,rocking back and forth in a way that mimics the tides and rhythms of life they left behind



Bubbles in the water

August 15,2025

H.L. Fredrickson, a biology professor for Acclaim University,  has cracked the code!
After 42 years of continuing the earlier works of Patrick Volvus, much acclaimed anthropologist ,who spent the latter part of his life by ponds and slow streams watching for a change in the surface, Fredrickson has opened the door that Volvus was beating upon up to the day he died. It has now been proven that turtles are ,in fact, communicating with us through their bubbles! Although there have been many skeptics and only a faithful few who followed the research, no one could have imagined the far reaching implications of this study,this unprecedented breakthrough, this life changing event! It turns out the the turtles are outlining a plan to end epidemics and world hunger as well as details about a new way of government that some how maximizes the potentials of unity and independence! Fredrickson is expected to release a full report early next week.

August 17,2025
H.L. Fredrickson was struck and killed today by his own car as it careened into him ,pushed by a fast moving truck that was unable stop in time as Frederickson removed a large terrapin from the road.
Fredrickson’s laptop and notes where destroyed in the resulting fire.