……………………………………………………………………………..dead fish

dead fish


a young girl drops tears on its cold still eyes

a teenage boy pokes it with a stick

an environmentalist blames the sky

a Christian sees a wounded symbol

the junkie counts his scales and hopes for a sum

the woman in the business suit pretends not to see

or smell

the Taoist says in his mind,”here is a dead fish”


bill and sarah and the seed and the blue lightning

bill grabbed blue lightning and clung tight

rode it back up into the clouds

he had some seeds deep in his pocket

threw them off a cloud

sarah opened wide and drank the rain as it poured down

until a seed hit her on the tongue

she spit it on the ground

a tree grew up from the seed

and one day bill came down

he found a feather in the grass

beneath the tree of his seed

he laid the feather across his eyes

and there began to dream

sarah came and found him there

and kissed him as he slept

he awoke and told his story

while sarah sat and wept

they went to town and had a meal

they laughed until they cried

then sarah went back to her home

and bill climbed back into the sky

Bubbles in the water

August 15,2025

H.L. Fredrickson, a biology professor for Acclaim University,  has cracked the code!
After 42 years of continuing the earlier works of Patrick Volvus, much acclaimed anthropologist ,who spent the latter part of his life by ponds and slow streams watching for a change in the surface, Fredrickson has opened the door that Volvus was beating upon up to the day he died. It has now been proven that turtles are ,in fact, communicating with us through their bubbles! Although there have been many skeptics and only a faithful few who followed the research, no one could have imagined the far reaching implications of this study,this unprecedented breakthrough, this life changing event! It turns out the the turtles are outlining a plan to end epidemics and world hunger as well as details about a new way of government that some how maximizes the potentials of unity and independence! Fredrickson is expected to release a full report early next week.

August 17,2025
H.L. Fredrickson was struck and killed today by his own car as it careened into him ,pushed by a fast moving truck that was unable stop in time as Frederickson removed a large terrapin from the road.
Fredrickson’s laptop and notes where destroyed in the resulting fire.


Dreams of Jada

Jada set her tea cup down on the lace covered nightstand that had guarded her dreams most every night image

during her twenty odd years of breathing. She turned the lamp down low and threw her head back in anticipation.

Jada was a happy girl who loved the sun and the rain and the wavy fields and woodlands around her home but it was this time,the time of dreams, she loved the most.

By the time the clock struck 10 Jada was
inside. Before her were two open doors, big doors like  a gymnasium has, only she was not aware any gym or of anything around her, only the doors.  In her real mind, being early in this process and a veteran dreamer,she thought “blah blah ,two choices :
good and evil,life and death,Butterfingers or Three Musketeers….”
But her real mind soon left her and just as well because it was so wrong.

The hallways to the doors rose upwards away from Jada and she could see sunlight at the end of them.
She had a vague sense of some kind of happy busyness taking place up there.
A carnival atmosphere or a family reunion or …it was hard to say but she thought she heard laughter and she knew laughter in her heart for the first time. It was as if she had raised on muddy water and had been given the purest of spring water in a frosted glass.
There was no need for explanation for deep inside she knew “this is laughter “.

Once the realization of laughter had been grasped her focus returned to the doorways. Above and betwixt the two longhallways an hourglass appeared.
The hourglass rotated clockwise slowly and as it did a music box played Jada’s song. Not that she had ever heard it but more like the way she knew laughter just then. Yes this song belonged to her.
After her song played through one time,this event corresponding with one revolution of the hour glass ,they began to file in. “They” being all the people from her life, so far and yet to be,they came in duplicate . They turned right and left respectively and then they were no longer inside her dream. Each one entered with head held high, calm, self-assured, smiling, as if they too knew or had just come to know laughter.
Each one was known to her as they appeared, the past ones and the future ones with the same crystal clarity and this she decided was some strange kind of love.

When the last one faded from view the hourglass stopped and her song too.
Jada waited for the sand to run out and then she approached the doorways.
She divided and began to approach the busyness at the end of the hallway.
It was in the moment of her division that she felt,for the first time,what it is or must be to be whole. As she walked the noises from the outside filled her ears and she began to understand that these sounds were the songs of all the people of her life and that the movements and bridges and transitions within  them all were emulating her own song. When this bit of bliss had sunk in properly she found herselves out in the open in a large meadow.
No music or people or sound excepting the light wind that kept the long meadow grass just a little humble.
In the center of the meadow was a giant red rose floating in a small pool of water like a lily would. Jada and Jada drew closer as they approached the rose.
At the edge of the pool they reached out to touch the floating flower and as they did they were one again and Jada was awake in her wrought iron bed.
She was glad to see her cold empty tea cup had been replaced with a steaming mug of coffee and to hear the birds outside but really and truly it was the dreams she loved the best.



As you sat there talking on and on I grew bored of imagining you as a skeleton and a little bit annoyed at the constant clapping of jaws so I let you be just your fragile veins, scarlet red and tropic sea blue,  very delicate and peaceful and unobtrusive and this why I smiled as I sat across from you on a big yellow chair and said” yes ” and  “hmmm”.