Bubbles in the water

August 15,2025

H.L. Fredrickson, a biology professor for Acclaim University,  has cracked the code!
After 42 years of continuing the earlier works of Patrick Volvus, much acclaimed anthropologist ,who spent the latter part of his life by ponds and slow streams watching for a change in the surface, Fredrickson has opened the door that Volvus was beating upon up to the day he died. It has now been proven that turtles are ,in fact, communicating with us through their bubbles! Although there have been many skeptics and only a faithful few who followed the research, no one could have imagined the far reaching implications of this study,this unprecedented breakthrough, this life changing event! It turns out the the turtles are outlining a plan to end epidemics and world hunger as well as details about a new way of government that some how maximizes the potentials of unity and independence! Fredrickson is expected to release a full report early next week.

August 17,2025
H.L. Fredrickson was struck and killed today by his own car as it careened into him ,pushed by a fast moving truck that was unable stop in time as Frederickson removed a large terrapin from the road.
Fredrickson’s laptop and notes where destroyed in the resulting fire.